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Participate In Talk Show And Tell Your Story

We have partnered with 99MAG an online News & Media channel for creating talk shows – on constructive, national building activities. The significance of creative talk shows would immensely benefit parents to know more about Early Childhood Education (ECE) parenting tips, Good food habits, etiquette, stressed child symptoms, tips on raising healthy children, right way of choosing schools and colleges, right way of choosing career for their children and much more.

Our Special Programs – Talk Show On Kindergarten/Preschools

  • Good Food Habits
  • Awareness on ECE
  • Preschool Activities
  • Selecting a Preschool
  • Positive Parenting
  • Parenting Do’s and Don’ts
  • Toddler Development
  • Discipline & Behavior
  • Milestones
  • Childcare
  • Safety
  • Health
  • Parenting Panel: Old Vs New
  • Educator talk: On ECE
  • Leaders Talk: On ECE

The show will guide and prepare parents every step of the way. TOK will be the gateway of information for parents in India. It’s like hanging out without the hassle of going out.

Benefits Of Talk Show
With Talk show you will receive tremendous buzz, exposure, and goodwill. We have a unique opportunity to create enormous amounts of awareness to parents demographically, ranging from teenagers, young adults, aged between 13 to 30 years and their parents between 31 to ­55 years. All of which will receive equal exposure about your branch. The relationships we create for you in the show alone are priceless.

Purpose Of The Show? The interactive talk show will advice on better schooling and parenting for the overall development of children. You can help students with a sense of humor and a feeling of community, built on shared experiences. With an aapproachableattitude and lots of relatable voices, you can inform and inspire other educators to nurture children in a friendly way. Your valuable and trusted advice will help parents and other educators feel confident as they can make better decisions about child’s health, discipline, nutrition and add more value based education. In the talk show, you can answer most of the questions frequently asked by parents, clear their doubts and fears, advocate for their causes and celebrate the fun of teaching and raising Healthy And Happy Kids


Principal or Teachers willing to participate in talk shows can contact our team at