Great project For Schools And Colleges

In a remarkable move, to acquaint the students in government and private schools about the local culture, traditions and rituals and to enlighten the students about the local festivals, old age traditions and beliefs in their respective areas, QSchools will start Kal Kee Khoj Program which suggestively means “A Search of the past”

This provincially oriented program would immensely benefit students by teaching lessons.

The Highlights Of Kal Kee Khoj Program
Under this program, apart from theoretical lessons many activity based programs will be included. Legends of national heroes who gave up lives for the country, emphasis of historical and local cultural heritage and above all the awareness to make their respective colonies and lanes dirt and polythene free will be the key highlights in this project.

Additionally, local traditions and beliefs, native festivals, regional crops, action to be taken during natural calamities, community culture, ballad, and ancient proverbs will also be a part of this program.

Finally, a book will be written depicting the project works along with pictures of works done with school and students name, and the same will be unveiled at national conference by the higher officials from Education Department.

Every school and college can add this activity in their “Social Activity On Fiawpl” when they choose premium listing

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