Our Services

Every new business struggles with branding and marketing. It is more so with the existing ones, to retain its reputation and be up to date in the competition. We cannot compare business with education. But, surely we can brand and market good schools and colleges to establish.

It is impossible to assess how much money is being spent by educational institutes to brand and market their institution. The value is immeasurable irrespective of the results. QSchools steps in to solve the problem for schools and other educational institutions. As we are building a marketplace to help parents find the best schools and activities, we realized that every school has a story to tell.

We will help you tell your story in the best possible way, and in the most cost-effective manner. The services we offer include –

Complete Digital Marketing and media branding
2D and 3D Animations
Special Video Editing Service For School & College Events Videos

Article Writing Service For Press Releases or for columns in newspapers
Organize and promote camps on behalf of schools and colleges
Setting up exquisite props on the school premises such as murals, sculptures, paintings and sand art
Art & Craft
Print and electronic media advertising
creating and promoting short films with high definition 4k cameras
School media publishing, School Journal Publishing
Custom design branding services

for services help – email at services.qschools.in
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