Creating A World Of Quality Education Without Creative Limits

The Best Schools Win The Best Parents. But Great Schools Can Be Hard To Find. We’ve Created An Excellent Platform For –  School Parents And College Students To Analyze And Evaluate, And To Connect With Top Educational Institutes In India.

Whether You Are A Confused Student? Or An Inquisitive Parent, We Help You Find The Right Educational Institute Effortless.

Our Vision
To Connect Parents And Educational Institutes faster than ever before.

  • The qschools was established in the year 2017 of March, under the aegis of 99MAG MEDIA AND BROADCASTING Pvt Ltd. This portal has information on pre-schools, Schools, Colleges, Professional Colleges, Coaching Institutes, Academies and everything that is related to teaching and imparting education or arts. qschools revolves around commitment to provide elaborate, colorful yet accurate information on Academic Excellence, Intellectual Growth and high standards of Ethical Awareness being provided in the educational institute.The objective of qschools is to develop a parents friendly portal where they can get reliable, easy to navigate, responsible, well-informed, and useful information regarding the institutes, to choose them better. This it proposes to achieve by:
  •  Helping the parents to develop a thirst for knowledge of particular or educational institute in general  to acquire it not by coercion but through understanding and by doing it by choice.
  •  Discovering and developing parent potentials.
  • Acquainting them with various methodologies, facets of fast emerging information technology and other forms of arts used in institutes to teach children.
  • Sensitizing them to our rich Indian cultural heritage through our Kal Kee Khoj Program.

For Educational Institutes
Evolving a stringent moral value system and positive work ethos for those involved in the school.

Providing an environment of:-

  • Competence and competitiveness.
  • To fill the gap between parents and teachers.
  • To Empower the Faculty
  • To showcase the Institute in a best and a better way in front of the right parents

Our Mission
To Create Educational Institutes Information Listing Platform Of Social Value On A Global Scale By Providing A Trusted Information To Connect Parents And Students With Right Schools And Colleges..

Our story begins with two leading pioneers. For years, each had followed a separate path, investing time and resources – and gathering amazingly constructive ideas and talented people to create thriving global communities with high levels of customer satisfaction and industry recognition. In 2016 we realized that we could do even more better together, so we merged to form QSchools, combining ideas, technology and resources.

As we formed a shared vision, we saw that our impact would be even greater if we focused on building one great education platform. We kept the best of both legacies and added new innovations. In 2016 we launched our company under a new brand: 99MAG MEDIA AND BROADCASTING PVT LTD. Under the brand 99MAG, we committed ourselves to 4 goals – Education, Health, Unemployment and Politics. The change represented a renewed vision and committed us to creating to reach the first goal. The world’s best Education Listing Platform – for existing and future schools alike.

Creating Opportunity And Freedom
We aim to reach millions of parents within a year to gain trust and to deliver the same high level of information and quality they came to expect under the QSchools brand.

We’re still in the path of creating a world of unmatched education giving opportunity, where global educators can share and help each other despite thousands of miles apart to work together seamlessly.